The Graco E-10, Graco E-XP1 and Graco E-XP2, Graco XP-70, and Sharp and Graco Hopper and HVLP guns are the many products we provide our dealers with in Spray-Lining's Zone 6. Our products come new and used and use a variety of materials. Our materials use a variety of colors, mil height, textures, and much more.

The Spray-Lining Graco and Binks Hopper guns are very lightweight, have big hoppers, comfortable grips, and have pressure pot attachments.

The Graco E-10 is perfect for a one man job and saves material costs up to 30%.

The Graco E-XP1 and Graco E-XP2 are very efficient, require little training, have long lasting circulation valves, reduce waste, and have digital heat and pressure controls.

The Graco XP-70 is low maintenance, requires little training, reduces cleaning solvent and cost, and is a high pressure system.

The Spray-Lining Jetpack Backpack is a low cost alternative to other new brand spray on lining solutions and is very portable and easy to clean and requires little training.