Southwest Industrial Coatings


We are distributors for Spray-Lining that serve California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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Loaner equipment available! No up front costs!

Call 1-855-545-4900 to speak directly with Spray-Lining Manufacturer or

We offer great training and support and now have OEM pricing available to the general public!

We offer the best spray on lining on the market that can be used for virtually any application.

Basic applications such as spray on bedliner, floors, decks, and ponds come with a dealer quote and DIY kits. Our OEM pricing can be offered to anyone regardless of your dealership or distributor status.

Rhino Linings and Line-X use proprietary systems and offer marketing in their dealer locator. However you are stuck to their materials and their dealer locator doesn't amortize itself (call a dealer to check!). Scorpion Coatings and Speedliner let you onto their dealer locator but there are no rules or contracts but do not have any job targeting or marketing. Ultimate Linings and Xtreme Liners sell Qwik Liner using cartridge guns requiring you to buy Part A and Part B at a higher cost per square foot. Pinnacle West (aka Indy Liner) also uses this business strategy. However you are still stuck using a one-dimensional product. Scorpion Coatings pioneered DIY
strategies that sell Als Liner in small quantities to the average consumer but actually target DIY distributors that are trying to sell larger quantities rather than Scorpion. Duplicolor by Dupont, U-pol Raptor, and Herculiner also use this strategy using lower quality materials.

Spray-Lining allows you to use any material, there are no start-up fees, and our support is great for any size application. Because of the low material cost and great marketing, our dealers have been able to obtain a substantial client base quickly. Ask for references!